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Crossroads Community Inc.


Enhance your academic experience: Become an Intern

Interns must be a least 16 years old and from an institution with which Crossroads has developed a written agreement, outlining guidelines for evaluating and reporting to the institution. The Intern is expected to provide written goals or objectives for his/her internship. Each individual must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to become and remain an Intern.

  • Successfully complete application and screening process, including criminal background check.
  • Attend designated orientation and training sessions.
  • Demonstrate positive role modeling through a positive attitude, competency, and high ethical standards.
  • Demonstrate sufficient initiative and independence to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.
  • Show respect and courtesy toward each individual.
  • Comply with Crossroads' Confidentiality Policy and Code of Ethics.
  • Use appropriate behavior management techniques. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Maintain a log of hours worked.
  • Maintain satisfactory performance reviews.

To apply, click on the link below, complete the application and fax it to 410-758-1223 or e-mail to